Welcome to the Oceanside Yacht Club Crew Page.

Are you looking to crew on a sailboat or power boat, or are you a boat owner looking for crew. Hopefully this page will help both of you find the right match here at OYC.

Not all crewing is about racing, some members might be leaving on a short or extended cruise on a power or sailboat and need some help along the way, or maybe a member is into fishing and is looking for a fellow fisherman to help pull in the big ones, and of course our racing fleet is always looking for experienced crew and newbies willing to learn the ropes, sorry I mean sheets and halyards.

Crew Looking for a Boat/OYC Members and non-members.

Please email Fleet Captain Dan Avina at danavina@hotmail.com and put "Crew looking for Boat" in the subject line. Include your name, contact info, experience, boat types, positions held, available days or time frame.

Boat looking for Crew/OYC Members Only

Please email danavina@hotmail.com and put "Boat looking for Crew" in the subject line. Include boat name and type, contact info, positions needed, when, how often or for how long.

NOTE: You MUST indicate in the email whether you want your personal contact info posted on this web page or not.

Your information will be posted on this site for 6 months and then removed. Please let us know when to extend or remove your information.

Crew looking for a Boat

Michele Hunter – shunter@agseal.com – 469-939-1699 (b)

Steele Hunter – shunter@agseal.com – 469-939-1699 (b)

Heather Beste – heatherbrste@gmail.com – 702-232-4224 (b)

Shane Selph – metalmgc@att.net – 760-484-4484 (i)

Mike Birdsell – mbirdsell01@yahoo.com – 951-216-5505 ex)

Dominic Baccini – bacinnid@yahoo.com – 978-944-4636 (i)

Jeff Conway – jconway@gmail.com – 978-930-3859 (b)

Greg Robbins – robbins.greg77@gmail.com – 760-666-0819 (b)

Paul/Monica Pullin – monicapullin@gmail.com – 760-274-6602 (b)

Mike Gladkowski – gladkowskimike@gmail.com – 760-717-8641 (i)

Russ Reed – rreed_helmsalee@yahoo.com – 650-284-9786

Amaris Chang – amaris.chang.01@gmail.com – 909-680-2594

Brian Lawton – lawtondds@hotmail.com - 916-802-7998 (ex)

John Sirianni – sirianni.john@gmail.com - 408-438-3922

Mike Farber - farbersurf@gmail.com - 760-215-0967

 Chris Bays -crossbays@aol.com -760-216-8889

Paul Lobascio - plobascio@yahoo.com 760-805-2533

Robert Wolfson "Wolfie" - a1wolfie@gmail.com - (760) 822-3812

Bill Nelson - 760-715-9193 - wnelson50@gmail.com

Austin Oliveiro - aoliveiro@hotmail.com - 425-905-8652

 Trevor - 970-980-1944

 Dave Gatti - 1-858-349-2247

Lucien Sahali - 831-521-8353 - lucesahali@gmail.com

Carlee Sandoval - email carleessweetgirl@aol.com -918 873 0357 

Mark A. Hebbard - mark.hebbard@hotmail.com -  828-279-6227

Ben Haymond - ben.haymond@gmail.com- 720-345-9985

Jerret Renfro - (760) 420-1437

Please fill out form below & submit. Someone will contact shortly.

Boat looking for Crew