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Fun, OYC Style!

The OYC Cruisers annually have cruises to Dana Point, Newport Beach, Mission Bay as well as Avalon and Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. We hold raft-ups at our local Del Mar Basin with the permission of the USMC and hold a raft-up dock party right here in the harbor. Extended cruises are being planned for San Clemente Island and San Diego's La Playa anchorage. A small contingent of cruisers often will visit the Channel Islands and Santa Barbara Island in conjunction with our Emerald Bay Cruise. Cruising is open to both power and sail boats, all members are encouraged to participate at their own skill and comfort level.

Raft-up in the Del Mar Basin

The club's annual cruise to Emerald Bay is a long standing tradition. It is held each July when OYC rents the beautiful Corsair's Yacht Club facility at Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. There are usually 20 to 30 member boats and 30 to 50 members and guests participating in this week-long island boating fiesta.
There are various ways to participate in the OYC Cruising fleet. Members and guests may travel along in a group or rendezvous at the destination. They can choose to raft up with other members or may anchor, moor or obtain local slips on their own. One of the perks of joining a yacht club is that members receive guest privileges, called reciprocals, at sister club's docks, slips and moorings as well as the use of their facilities.

 A raft-up lunch get-together

When visiting a harbor for the first time it is nice to have the company of other boats to cruise along with, provide experienced information about the location and suggest places to see and things to do. Most of these cruises are small informal groups that vary in number taking a weekend trip to a not so distant harbor. Members are not required to participate in any specific activity but frequently do get together for a happy hour appetizer party aboard a designated boat or for dinner at a local yacht club or restaurant.

As an OYC member, you can join our cruising blog, Yahoo Goups, where you can post questions, pictures and give or get advice. See the side bar for the link.