Revised January 1, 2015

Oceanside Yacht Club’s House Rules are designed to give the greatest enjoyment and pleasure to the greatest number of Oceanside Yacht Club members and their visitors.

♦     OYC is a private club licensed to operate by ABC as well as State and local health regulations. All members are reminded that it is their individual responsibility to act accordingly to ensure our Club’s continuing operation. Guests are welcome if accompanied by a member. Visiting yachtsmen from other recognized yacht clubs are considered legitimate guests of OYC.

♦     All guests will sign the guest register. Guests are limited to 14 visits per year unless they are participating in OYC-sponsored race events.

♦     Members and guests should wear appropriate dress in the Clubhouse at all times. SHIRT AND SHOES ARE REQUIRED.

♦     An OYC host member will be held responsible for his/her guest’s unpaid expenses.

♦     If Club property is lost, damage, or destroyed by a member, guest or family member, the member will be required to replace or pay for the property.

♦     Members must remain on the premises as long as their guests remain. Guests may not bring other guests into the Clubhouse, unless they are bona fide crewmembers of a yacht utilizing our guest slip.

♦     The Club cannot be held liable for the loss of personal property of any member or guest.

♦     Junior members and children of members do not have any guest privileges. They are permitted in the Clubhouse provided an adult accompanies them. However, non-member parents or guardians of junior members must accompany the junior member and should sign in the guest book.

♦     Individual members of OYC or nonmembers sponsored by members may reserve certain Clubhouse room for private parties provided such activities do not interfere with the usual functions of the Club. Approval must be obtained from the Board of Directors and/or designated committee chairperson and coordinated with the Office Manager. (Rental Fees, deposits and further rules and regulations are available in the Club, Office and website)

♦     Members may be requested to show current membership cards at anytime. Wearing approved identification badge is recommended, but members should be prepared t produce a current membership card when ordering food or beverages from the Clubhouse lounge.

♦     Food and beverages may not be brought into the Clubhouse for consumption by members or guests except on authorized occasions. Wine may be brought in and consumed after payment of corkage.

♦     Card playing in the Clubhouse rooms is welcomed, but gambling is strictly prohibited.

♦     All notices for posting within the Clubhouse must be cleared through a Club Officer and coordinated with the Office Manager, and notices/flyers will not be taped to windows and doors.

♦     Animals are not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse or on the stairs leading into the facility, unless they are a registered “assistance dog”.

♦     Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse.

♦     Any member who resigns and leaves with a balance due will not be allowed the use of any club facilities. Additionally, this also applies to any member whose membership was terminated due to disciplinary action of the Board. They cannot be a guest of any member or any organization. This restriction may be removed when the indebtedness to the club has been satisfied.

♦     Guests of members (other than family members) will be limited to fourteen visits per year with the exception of a member’s significant other. A significant other is defined as any individual who cohabits with the member.